Monday, December 14, 2009

More Musings on PixelJunk Shooter

In my previous discussion of PixelJunk Shooter I totally forgot to mention two of the greatest aspects of the game.

The first aspect is the music. Performed by High Frequency Bandwidth the music has just the right blend of looping and hypnotic groove to keep you wanting to play through and finish a level. Once the level is done the beat is still resonating in your head and you want to finish listening to the groove so you just have to go back in to listen some more.

The second aspect is the ability to record short segments of the game and upload them to YouTube. Eden has the functionality and so does the sophomoric game Pain. Below is my first recording from Shooter. It's not much to watch unless you want to laugh at how quickly I die, but the fact that you can record cool moves and post for all to see is something you don't get from the other consoles.


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