Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Borderlands online fun!

I've mentioned before that I really have enjoyed Borderlands but until this weekend I had never played the game online (sad to say since I bought the game day one but have typically had poor experiences with online play and just never felt the desire to try online with this game)

I can honestly say that as much fun as Borderlands is to play solo, online is so much more fun.

The amount of mobs that spawn feels like the same but their level of toughness definitely seems to increase.  However with the right mix of classes and talent points throughout the classes, the game balances itself perfectly.

Chaos ensues as more and more mobs flock to the group, but seeing how each class can compliment when the going gets tough, the game truly shines.

My only complaint is playing online with random PUGs there is no rolling on the drops.  My time on line was basically everyone for themselves when good items did drop.  The other complaint was seeing items listed on screen that were being picked up but there was no really good way of seeing what the item was.  Not that it really matters because items drop so frequently but it would be nice to be able to see that in retrospect. 

Two other things that I noticed are with the lack of anyone using voice chat in game.  If that was working no one was using it but it would be nice to be able to chat to make sure the everyone was on the same page as far where to go and which quest was being done.  Now granted the on screen display shows what quest is being pursued but with the frentic pace of the game when you join a game already in progress you better hope that the leader of the game knows what they heck they are doing.  The other thing that I find odd is the fact that with any other multiplayer game, once you leave and go the XMB you can find a list of Players Met from your various online matches, but no one met within Borderlands shows up.

With Mad Moxxi coming out soon and having arena play as the focus it would be nice to be able to add met players without having to hop to the XMB while still in game to add a player as a friend.

While most of this post seems negative I can't say enough on how much fun playing online with co-op is.  Maybe it's the fact that I get to play a shooter and not feel like I'm completely frag bait the moment the game loads.  Or maybe it's the fact that the overwhelming odds of the AI are against every player and working as a team to survive just makes it more enjoyable.  Regardless of the kinks I've mentioned, Borderlands is a great game to play online and can't wait to see what future DLC Gearbox has in store to continue the Pandora experience.

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  1. I wish we could play cross platform.... I need to finish the game. ;)