Friday, February 19, 2010

Thoughts on God of War 1

So now that the glut of games that I received at Christmas had finally been parsed through I have gone back to God of War 1 in HD.

Maybe this is old news but God of War 1 is a fantastic game except for some horrendously awful points.

Combat is fluid and the degree of challenge increases naturally the further you progress.  I love that.  The animation of the chains flinging from Kratos' hand to demolish a mob is completely satisfying.  The story told through the cut scenes are rich and worthwhile (even if they didn't re-render those for HD). The puzzles within the environments are fantastically crafted.

My big gripe for the whole game is jumping/navigating on narrow wooden beams.  Seriously?  Miss the jump by just a smidge and you fall to your death.  Game Over.  Walk a little too close to the spinning blades to get knocked off the beams.  Game Over.  Add to the frustration, no control over the camera to even figure out where the heck I'm supposed to be going and you end up with such a feeling of frustration after feeling so many highs from earlier moments in the game.

I understand games should be challenging.  But game breaking, take you out of the experience, controller throwing, (potential TV destroying) designs just make me so mad.  I love to support great game developers, but hate when something so blatantly bad keeps you from being able to successfully finish a game, and would  I think developers should realize that something should be fixed. 

Granted I'm harping on an older game.  I'm sure it was harped on when the game was released.  I hope problems like that are fixed in God of War 2.  I also hope that if they weren't fixed in God of War 2, that they will be fixed in God of War 3.

Should games that have such complete broken moments in otherwise gorgeously executed designs be let off the hook?

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