Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Batman last night

The problem with Batman Arkham Asylum is that it is a good game.  It reminds me of the Civilization games where you'd start playing and then 2 hours later realize that you've been playing for 2 hours.  You need sleep but you keep telling yourself, "Just one more turn.  I'll stop after the next turn."

Now granted last night I was ready to throw my controller through the TV and give up for the night in one particular section toward the end of the game; however, the game is so good that you just want to finish playing to see how it all ends.  I admit that I was probably playing the section too cautiously but up to that point, the game had taught me to be a cautious detective.  The section in particular leads you back to a kill box from the beginning of the game.  This time however there are 7 guards all with guns and the gargoyles that you previously would hunt the thugs from have been strapped with proximity bombs.  If you spend any great amount of time on them they blow up, hurting you and removing one of your perches to hunt from. 

Fortunately the game has a very quick reload if/when you die, but I have to say that after the 5th or 6th death I was seriously getting tired of hearing the Joker's death taunts.  Once I finally got past the kill box I was sucked back into the story.  I really enjoy the fact that Rocksteady has created levels within the game that allow have you play through more than once but each time you play the area it feels different.  A lot has to do with the fact that the Bat toys have been upgraded so now you can get to items that previously were inaccessible.

I may be able to finish the story tonight, but given last night's late night session, sleep may come first.

More later folks.

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