Saturday, August 29, 2009

Finished my LBP level

Last night was a night of gaming and creating.  We rented Super Smash Brother's Brawl for the Wii.  That is a game I just don't get.  Of course the boys had fun because you could play as Pokemon trainers and summon all sorts of Pokemon.  But the battle system is just a bit beyond me.  If I wanted to play a fighter I'd rather play Street Fighter or Soul Caliber...or even old school Karate Champ.

The upside to the boys playing on the Wii was that it gave me a chance to work on my LBP level.  I ended up getting another section put in (basically putting it at 75% complete) but I was still having problems with a prize bubble room which was driving me nuts.  After probably 3 hours of level creation I tried out the WET demo.  That is one crazy game.  The controls take a bit getting used to but it will definitely be something worth playing (likely as a rental) when it does come out.

Woke up this morning, fed the boys and headed back downstairs to finish off the LBP level.  I had an epiphany while eating breakfast on how to make the secret bubble room work.  So I went about making those changes (which worked) and then had to finish the last quarter of the level.  After putting in several layers of detail stickers and adding the story elements (talking sackboys and girls) I put the level out for all to play.  So far it seems like it has been moderately received.  The boys found it to be a bit challenging.  It is definitely easier to play solo than with 2-4 players.

Check it out if you have LBP.  The level name is Save Sam and AJ.

More later folks.

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