Friday, August 28, 2009

More LBP fun...and THX too

Last night had me back for more LBP level editing.  The level is coming along nicely and I have to say that after drawing out the map to explain the level to my co-workers this morning I've been inspired on what to add next.  I've also gotten some good feedback from some of the players who have tested it out already and I'm looking forward to the weekend to get some more "in-depth" time to add details and tweak some of the finer mechanics.  So far the level travels from the small Sack village into the cave of doom.  The cave of doom has burning wood and several areas of jumping.  I worked out a secret bubble prize room but I will need to go back and tweak the emitters.  End game design I want to have the player travel through some additional sections of the cave of doom and then end up on the outside at the other side of the mountain/cave.  If I get really ambitious I may pull out the camcorder and record some footage and post it afterward.

On a side note prior to loading up LBP and waiting for the evening activities to settle to slumber I put in Indy 4 on Blu-ray to pass the time while cleaning up around the basement (mental note--if you let kids spill milk, have them clean it up right away otherwise it turns into a nice gluey substance that doesn't come up easily).  The THX logo test pattern at the beginning of the beginning of the movie was outstanding!  The animations for THX test patterns have always been a cool little preview for the movie after, but the THX folks have really out-done themselves with this one.  Flowers and plants unfolding into a chaotic awesome melody.

More later folks.

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