Thursday, August 27, 2009

A little bit of LBP

So I finished Uncharted Tuesday night. Such a great game. I finished it and then wanted to go back to collect a few more trophies. The plan was to play it last night as well but instead I got a bit side-tracked. Instead I put in Little Big Planet. This is a game that the kids and I have enjoyed from the beginning. The only problem with the game (if you want to call it a problem at all) is the fact that the level editor is very VERY robust. If you want to create your own level you can easily do so, but to make a GOOD level you need to actually spend some time planning out the course, theme, story etc that you want to convey in the game. Building the level can be fairly easy but adding all the extra details to make the level really pop....that is where it gets hard.

As Garnett Lee from 1UP said last week on the ListenUp podcast, "Making good levels is not as easy as just going out and finding good levels made by other people. If I want to play LBP I'd rather play it than build it." I'm paraphrasing a bit but I can totally agree with his sentiment. I've published the level with the intent that tonight I'll go back and add a new swath of content to "enbiggen" the level some more. If you want to look for the level and give it a go, please do. The title of the level is called Saving Sam and AJ. Currently the title won't make any sense as I haven't added the story elements to it yet. I have to say that once I get into the level editor I do find that my creative mind sets ablaze and I find myself getting inspired to try new things.
More later folks.

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